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Humanus Astrologicus

A reader friendly jargon-free astrology book.

This is new age astrology at its finest as Parker tailors both wise and witty astrological descriptions and interpretations for 21st century readers. Through insightful prose and clever poetry this book goes where no astrologer has gone before and easily takes the reader along.

Her fresh observations originate from her active practice of astrology and study of mythology that span more than three decades. Unlike many astrological books, it offers richness for a full range of readers.

A talented poet, Deborah grew up bi-lingual, fluent in both prose and poetry, learning from her father at an early age to write clever verse. Read excerpts:

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HorseFlatFrontcover-200pxThe Horse That Haunts My Heart

A coming of age memoir.

A horse-crazy girl growing up in the Midwest, Deborah Smith Parker longs to live a cowboy’s life in the West. When she turns 13 her parents allow her to live her dream on a western ranch where she meets her first love — a horse named Tank. After a bumpy start, their extraordinary relationship begins to emerge, complete with the poignancy, hilarity and drama that tested relationships undergo.

Set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Parker’s coming-of-age-memoir takes place in the 1950s during three magical summers at a horse ranch and chronicles the development of her friendship with Tank. Looking back on that time decades later, Parker comes to realize that Tank was a kind of spiritual guide who protected her from danger and guided her to a greater understanding of the connections of the seen and unseen worlds that would come to play a greater part in her life.

With humor and well-wrought description, Parker paints a vivid picture of life on the ranch — the dirt, hard work, risky antics, and dangers on the trail while learning about the consciousness of horses and the language in which they express it.

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