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The Horse That Haunts My Heart is available now, See book reviews below:
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Deborah Smith Parker, Astrologer, Poet and Author of Humanus Astrologicus & The Horse That Haunts My Heart

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Author, Deborah Smith Parker

Deborah Smith Parker is a writer, poet, essayist, blogger and author of two books.

Her first book, Humanus Astrologicus (2010), goes where no astrologer has gone before, and easily takes the reader along. Parker blends ancient knowledge with modern wit and rhyme. And unlike many astrology books, it has richness both for the person clueless about astrology as well as the seasoned astrologer.

The Horse that Haunts My Heart (2014) is Parker’s recent release. Anyone who ever loved a horse – or wished they had—will be quickly captivated by this coming of age memoir that chronicles the extraordinary relationship Parker developed with her horse, shaped by the poignancy, hilarity and drama that tested relationships undergo –all set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

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Humanus Astrologicus
A reader friendly jargon-free astrology book.
This is new age astrology at its finest as Parker tailors both wise and witty astrological descriptions and interpretations for 21st century readers. Through insightful prose and clever poetry this book goes where no astrologer has gone before and easily takes the reader along. . .

The Horse That Haunts My Heart
A coming of age memoir.
A horse-crazy girl growing up in the Midwest, Deborah Smith Parker longs to live a cowboy’s life in the West. When she turns 13 her parents allow her to live her dream on a western ranch where she meets her first love — a horse named Tank. After a bumpy start, their extraordinary relationship begins to…


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Book Deborah For A Lecture

If you are interested in booking Deborah for a lecture, please use our contact form to make your inquiry. There are several interesting lecture topics you can schedule – including:

  • Understanding Neptune: The planet of influence.
  • Pumping new life into the language of astrology.
  • Pluto & the United States chart: Understanding the shifting power relationships among the people, the government and corporations.
  • Trauma, healing and the Leo/Aquarius polarity: Changing lead into gold.

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How Astrology Works – The Science and the Art

(Excerpted from Humanus Astrologicus)
In a conversation with someone new to astrology, the question invariably comes up, “How can the stars be the cause of who I am and what happens to me?” The 30 second answer is, as the astrologer Zip Dobyns was fond of saying, “The stars do not cause, they indicate.”

The longer answer involves my retelling one of the most familiar stories of human history in a way many may find surprising. So get a cup of hot chocolate (or whatever), wrap up in your favorite blankie and settle in. But first a little background on how astrology developed into an integral part of many of the world’s cultures, and how the stars became associated with human events and actions.

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